Snowboard cross is an Olympic sport where a group of four or six snowboarders compete in a race that takes place on a very narrow course. The teams encounter different obstacles throughout the race, including different terrains that they have to get through. And just as in any other race, the fastest wins.

The equipment in Snowboard Cross is very important and besides keeping the competitors safe, can make the difference between finishing first or last. The board, needless to say, is the most important component of the equipment, but snowboarders must also use appropriate boots, gloves and helmets. Helmets protect the athletes from injuries if they fall down and the visor protects their eyes from the sun and snowflakes which can reduce their vision. Some snowboarders use helmets without visors opting for goggles to protect their eyes.

Dominique Maltais is a Canadian snowboarder who has won two Olympic medals, one silver medal in 2014 and one bronze medal in 2006; two medals in the Snowboarding World Championship, one silver medal in 2013 and one bronze medal in 2011; and another two medals in the Winter X Games, one gold medal in 2012 and one silver medal recently in 2015.

Dominique, as many other snowboarders, is always trying to improve her skills. Besides that her efforts are directed towards fine-tuning her equipment in order to get the best results possible.

CrystalXtreme – Liquid Glass Protection can help snowboarders be safer and faster. Liquid glass can be applied to the helmet’s visor or skiing goggles and protects them from mist and water, increasing visibility in harsher conditions. It can also be applied to the snowboard. The effect is a smoother board, with reduced friction, capable of reaching higher speeds. That is why Crystal Xtreme, one of the brands through which we commercialize liquid glass, is a proud sponsor of Dominique Maltais. All her equipment, from the goggles to the snowboard, is coated with liquid glass so she can reach higher speed with better protection, through only one extraordinary product.

liquid glass and snowboard

Dominique Maltais is really involved in the development of this new science and is delighted with the idea of making people know about CrystalXtreme – Liquid Glass Protection and all the benefits they can get from it, especially regarding safety when practising extreme sports. Dominique is interested in letting everybody know that CrystalXtreme – Liquid Glass Protection is good for many other sports apart from snowboard. Surfing is one of the sports in which liquid glass is more useful as coating the board with CrystalXtreme – Liquid Glass Protection reduces the drag and also makes it easier to clean.

And we should not forget about aviation, as Crystalusion – another of our brands – is the proud sponsor of Nigel Lamb, but let’s wait for that story until our next post.