Mobile_World_Congress_2015Crystalusion Plus

Crystalusion Plus is our new premium advanced active liquid glass anti-pathogen protective coating. Leading microbiologists across the globe have tested the bacteria count on mobile devices and have concluded that mobile phones are highly contaminated devices where various types of bacteria continue to survive and multiply with high resistances to commonly used antibiotics. This suggests that a mobile phone is a perfect carrier, which can result in community-acquired infections being spread with possible public health implications. The recommendation to curtail any potential disease transmission is to periodically clean mobile phones with disinfectants or hand cleaning detergents as well as frequent hand-washing. However, it has also been proven that most mobile users do not pay any attention to the bacteria build up on their devices. Crystalusion Plus, the solution to this problem, certified as a class IIa medical device as per the European Directive, and used in hospitals to protect patients and healthcare workers leaves an anti-pathogen nano coating protecting the user and others from potential harmful diseases protects the phone.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection

This is an exciting new nanotech accessory which can be thought of as a liquid based glass screen protector. Not only a protector but once applied to smart phones, tablets, satnavs or for that matter any multimedia device or accessory, Crystalusion™ forms a protective nanolayer of liquid glass around the entire product with some incredible advantageous characteristics including protection against abrasion, bacteria, water/humidity and oil based substances creating a very easy to clean surface.   Crystalusion™ can help to keep all multimedia products and accessories looking their best for longer and because Crystalusion™ is not form specific it can be applied to any device or accessory regardless of shape and size and does not alter the original look and feel as would a standard polyurethane protector or protective case. For more information visit us at

Both accessories and other products in our portfolio will offer unique benefits to your customer value proposition so we’re keen to discuss these revolutionary new products with you and how they can add unique benefits to your product range.