Liquid glass has arrived to make our lives easier! It can protect objects and surfaces made out of a wide variety of materials. As industry leaders and the developers of several commercial brands of Liquid glass such as Crystalusion, CrystalXtreme, Bacoban and BioSativa, we want to explain to the world that liquid glass works on any surface or object. Since glass is a material that we use a lot in our daily life we will start by talking about the benefits of using liquid glass on glass surfaces.

Windows, drinking glasses and windscreens are three examples of the many products made of glass that we use on a daily basis. Glass is useful and has many beneficial properties, which make our lives easier, but there are two crucial disadvantages to glass. One is that it is quite difficult to keep clean as our fingers or any liquid leave print smudges or dry stains on it. The second is that glass is quite easy to break, making it a material that must be handled with a lot of care. What if we were to tell you that liquid glass can help us not only keep the surfaces clean, but can also help to make it stronger? Are you still under the impression that liquid glass is not for you?

liquid glass for glass surfaces

Liquid glass transforms glass surfaces in a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface, this means that when oil or any other liquid comes in contact with the treated glass it does not actually have a chance to come in contact with the glass as it is repelled. Since these substances are repelled, they do not leave dirty prints when we remove them. This is why we always say that liquid glass makes glass surfaces easy-to-clean. Try out the Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection sample pack on any of your favourite multimedia devices and you will see for yourself. No more resistant fingerprints from game play or touch screen controls.

Liquid glass makes glass surfaces anti-microbial, as it is a semi-permanent very effective disinfectant. The Liquid Glass Protection created by treatment with Bacoban is effective against bacteria and many other pathogen agents such as Hepatitis, HIV or Candida albicans as it repels them from the protected surface. Once treated we get anti-microbial glass surfaces that are really useful for healthcare, domestic or industrial environments such as the food preparation industry.

Liquid glass helps us to protect our glass surfaces against corrosion. Glass is inherently resistant to corrosion but it is not completely corrosion resistant. A Liquid glass protection layer provided by CrystalXtreme products will help glass become an anti-corrosive, highly durable and longer lasting material.

And finally, thanks to CrystalXtreme Liquid Glass Protection, we can prevent our glass surfaces from misting up, a very useful advantage for car’s windscreens.

Are you ready to make your life easier?