We would like to continue to inform you about the effect of liquid glass on different surfaces. We already discussed about how liquid glass protects wood and glass surfaces; today we will cover how to protect plastic surfaces with liquid glass.

Plastic material is present in almost any object or device we use, we have not found yet another material with the same characteristics but less contaminating. This is why it is important to learn how to protect plastic surfaces, as many of our belongings are made out of plastic.

Liquid glass creates a good coating for many materials and plastic is not an exception. Liquid glass protects and makes plastic objects stronger without damaging it. One of the best things we want to underline today is that liquid glass can make our plastic objects safer, so that we can protect ourselves by protecting them.

It is very common that plastic objects will come in contact with food throughout the food treatment process, if we use liquid glass to make a coating for those objects we will really be protecting the food and also ourselves. If we prevent plastic objects of the food chain from being contaminated or getting dirty we therefore prevent the chance that our food ends up contaminated.

liquid glass for plastic

There are many other environments in which treating plastic with Liquid Glass can protect our health and that of our children. Nurseries and schools have many plastic objects to work with children, and we all know that kids are very fond of licking all that they have in their hands. Dentists also use electric devices in order to repair and protect our teeth and many of them are made out of plastic. Hospitals have many plastic objects that are used in daily operations and surgeries. It is vital that all these objects are disinfected and completely sterilized when they get in contact with the human body, and liquid glass is the perfect way of treating them.

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom has awarded Liquid Glass Nanotech for the good results it obtained in the medical sector. Liquid Glass reduces the bio burden and also makes these objects much easier to clean and disinfect. Liquid Glass has a very good effect when fighting against bacteria and pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis or influenza.