Liquid Glass Automotive Solutions

CrystalXtreme® is a range of Liquid Glass protective nano-coatings that are 500 times thinner than a human hair. CrystalXtreme® is 100% natural and eco-friendly range of products that offer protection for up to 12 months to 5 years depending on the type of coating.

Under a microscope most surfaces whether hard or soft will have pores in them. These pores which are like tiny holes, are what attract dirt, grease and grime and allow them to stick to these surfaces. CrystalXtreme® offers a nano-scale protective coating which can fill these pores and repel these unwanted substances from sticking to surfaces offering extreme Protection and making them very easy to clean and maintain.

Our team of nanotechnology experts have designed specific CrystalXtreme® liquid glass products to cater for different needs for your transportation vehicles including protection against; liquids, dirt grease, grime and bacteria (for the interior and exterior of your vehicle).

Our vehicle coatings are ideal for protecting cars, buses, planes, trains and trucks. Car interiors can also be coated in CrystalXtreme® offering antimicrobial protection, meaning that sneezes, nose pickings, urine and waste or soiled export can be rendered benign as well as resistance to stains which in effect can significantly reduce odours. Furthermore CrystalXtreme® can also protect windows, windscreens, a highly durable and undetectable super-phobic coating which substantially increases visibility when driving in heavy rain and other adverse conditions. Some of our auto coatings are TÜV certified.

CXSS CrystalXtreme® – Xtreme Soft Surface Protection

Industry first combining long-term bacterial defence with stain protection that works. Provide safe and highly-durable active protection from microbial, water, oil, soot, coffee, cola, ketchup, blood, fat, fuel, waste oil, dry soiling agents and other staining agents – Forms a long-lasting, transparent, ultra thin layer of Liquid Glass that does not change the texture, look or feel of the interior fabric.

CXPP CrystalXtreme® – Xtreme Permanent Protection

CrystalXtreme® – Xtreme Permanent Protection is our Aviation grade body protection solution. Specifically used by professional application specialists and detailers who are looking to provide their customers with the highest level of protection available today. CrystalXtreme Xtreme Permanent Protection is abrasion resistant and has a heat tolerance of up to 750°C and as low as -90°C. Designed to reduce drag resistance and offer a shine for cars, planes, motorcycles and boats. Xtreme Permanent Protection was used to Red Bull Breitling Teams’ British Pilot Nigel Lamb’s plane. Nigel is the 2014/2015 World Champion.

CXAG CrystalXtreme® – Xtreme Advanced Glass Protection

CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Advanced Glass Protection is a superior affordable protective coating not only for windshields but for every window on the vehicle including headlamps. It offers a highly durable undetectable super-phobic coating which massively increases visibility when driving in heavy rain, is resistant against chips and scratches, frost and extreme heat or UV exposure, salt (salt burn in) and it’s anti-soiling and resistant to sea water/salty air. Because CrystalXtreme® Advanced Glass Protection can be applied to every window of the vehicle it offers many more benefits that any comparable alternative.

CXWINVIS CrystalXtreme® – Windscreen & Visor Protection System

CrystalXtreme® – Xtreme Windscreen & Visor Protection System is a complete protection kit designed for retailers to provide their consumers with an easy to apply and windscreen and visor protection coating.

Once protected in CrystalXtreme™ – Liquid Glass Protection, the surface becomes extremely easy to clean without the need of harsh chemicals and frequent visits to the car wash. 

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