LGN BioClean

LGN BioClean is probably the world’s most versatile and powerful Bio Cleaner available on the market. As it is made from yeast, betain, plant and salt extracts, it is 100% bio-degradable and non abrasive and removes oils and general soiling from most surfaces including red wine and coffee from freshly stained fabrics.

LGN BioClean can clean everything from a super-tanker to a fish tank… We said it was versatile! Produced from natural and renewable resources.

How to use LGN BioClean Concentrate (Aplication Instructions):

Simply dilute the liquid to suit the job.
Shake well before using. To fill the dosing chamber, remove the cap and then gently squeeze the bottle.
This action pumps liquid into the chamber. LGN BioClean can be mixed with hot water.
Please use the diluted liquid within 14 days. Test on an inconspicuous area.

                                 For Autos

Use the table below to determine the dilution you require based on the car surface you are looking to clean .

LGN BioClean 


Water Quantity
Alloy Wheel 10ml 100ml
Windscreen 10ml 600ml
Stained Car Interior (Carpets) 10ml 60ml
General car surfaces 10ml 200ml

                            For Home

Use the table below to determine the dilution you require based on the surface you are looking to clean in your home.
Surface LGN BioClean Quantity Water Quantity
Oven cleaning 10ml  100ml
Heavily soiled surfaces 10ml  60ml
Cleaning bathrooms 10ml  200ml
Window cleaning/heavily soiled 10ml  300ml
Window cleaning/lightly soiled 10ml  600ml

Use a stronger concentration (1:5-1:10) to clean your oven or a weaker concentration for windows. It is that simple.

100ml of LGN BioClean Concentrate can make between 6-10 litres depending on what it is being used to clean. For a sparklingly clear finish, rinse and dry the newly cleaned surface.

Apply a 1 : 10 mixture immediately to wine, tea and coffee spills in order to remove staining and rinse area with water.

LGN BioClean is a winner of the prestigious Europe+UK Green Apple Award, presented by The Green Organisation of the UK and has been Patented in Germany.

LGN BioClean does not contain any hazardous ingredients; nevertheless, keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In the case of eye contact, immediately rinse with clear water and consult a doctor. If swallowed seek medical advice (LGN BioClean is alkaline.) Do not freeze.

Caution: Ambient storage or usage temperature should not be below 5° Celsius.
Contents: Yeast-plant oil condensates, salt extracts, 5-15% anionic tensides, < 5% amphotere tensides.

Your active contribution to environmental protection.