Careers in Liquid Glass Nanotechnology

Looking for a career within the liquid glass nanotechnology space?

Crystalusion Limited is a and London based company with a fast paced working environment. We are constantly looking to enhance our team with new members who are goal-orientated, confident and thrive on working in an ever-changing environment. We believe that liquid glass protection & nanotechnology products will be a big part of our future and for future generations, so whether you are looking for work experience in the nanotech field or looking for your next career move, get in touch with us and we would delighted to get to know you better.

What is Liquid Glass?

Liquid Glass is glass as we all know it but suspended in liquid form at a molecular level. In order to keep this glass in liquid form it needs to be carried in either water or ethanol. Once this composition is sprayed or applied to a surface it creates an invisible nano-layer of protection. The applications of this nanotechnology are endless and our Liquid Glass Nanotech team have devised a methodology and strategy to bring this incredible technology to the hands of our consumers. Liquid glass can be applied to multimedia devices, all motor vehicles, anywhere inside and outside your home. It’s uses are truly endless and together with our design, engineering, sales and product marketing expertise we manufacture solutions for each industry.

If you are interested in learning more about liquid glass technology prior to contacting us visit Professor Nanostein’s page. You can also read all about how this earth shattering technology can be useful to different industries; liquid glass commercial solutions.  Or if you think you are ready to embark upon an incredible adventure of eco-friendly technology, fill out the form below and a member from our HR team will contact you with the next steps.