Liquid Glass Commercial Solutions


Our Liquid Glass coatings are ideal for textiles and different kinds of fabrics. Our coatings prevent fabrics from getting stained by repelling all sorts of liquids and grease; from red wine to chocolate and oil based substances. However the most important characteristic is that it does not alter the touch, look, feel and smell of the original fabric so you end up with a hydrophobic material which is 200% flexible and stain resistant. Watch the video to see the product in action.


Our Liquid Glass coatings are ideal for protecting cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks. Alloy wheels become easy to clean and blemish free, as brake dust does not burn into the coating. Exterior body work and fuel tanks become protected by a glossy, easy to clean and abrasion resistant coating. Car interiors can also be coated in Liquid Glass offering antimicrobial protection as well as resistance to stains which in effect can significantly reduce odours. Furthermore our TÜV certified coatings for windows and windscreens offer a highly durable and undetectable super-phobic coating which substantially increases visibility when driving in heavy rain and other adverse conditions.


Our Liquid Glass coatings have been trialled extensively on private jets and offer various benefits depending on the surface it is applied to. In the interior of planes our coatings have been used to protect carpets and other upholstery to prevent staining and provide resistance to daily wear and tear. Other coatings are applied on the galley surfaces to enhance their appearance as coated surfaces maintain an “as good as new” look and are very easy to clean. On the exterior of the aircraft, Liquid Glass coatings have been proven to be significantly more durable than the conventional protective coatings which are currently used. We also offer an aviation grade Liquid Glass coating which can be applied on plane engines and other metallic surfaces to protect them from corrosion and harsh weather conditions.


Our Liquid Glass coatings offer incredible benefits for the Marine industry, from anti-fouling to enhancing the appearance and performance of a vessel. Similar to the aviation industry our fabric coatings have proven to be incredibly useful in protecting the interior of luxury yachts. Coated bridge windows remain clearer in stormy conditions as sea salt does not burn into coated glass and coated funnels are resistant to staining caused by exhaust deposits maintaining a presentable ship. One of our Liquid Glass coatings is also being trialled in kitchens and bathrooms of cruise liners since it has obtained an ASTM antimicrobial certification which reduces bacteria levels by 99.9% when tested with Salmonella, Staph. aureus & E. coli. These coatings are essential for the cruise ship industry where an outbreak of diseases can cause major disruption


The transport network of any country is subject to higher usage and tolerance levels than those experienced in most other industries as a result of a number of factors from high volumes of commuter traffic to exposure to graffiti and vandalism. Our Liquid Glass coatings have proven to offer excellent performance, and the range of possible applications has proven to be vast. From anti-graffiti coatings on the exterior helping to keep transport networks looking cleaner and newer for longer, to antibacterial interior coatings that dramatically reduce the spread of bacteria protecting passengers. Liquid Glass offers enormous cost saving potentials for all public network operators.


Facilities management can benefit from our Liquid Glass coatings available for railway stations, hotels, schools, shopping centres, supermarkets and most other establishments. These coatings are available for almost all surfaces found in these facilities from anti-graffiti coatings on exterior surfaces to anti-bacterial coatings for the furniture inside. We also offer a complete range of stone and wood protective coatings, which are highly durable, breathable and are suitable for use on floors, monuments, work surfaces and both interior and exterior walls. The thickness of our coatings range from 50 nanometers to 1 micron depending on the surface being protected and the level of protection required. Once applied, the surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they always look as new as possible and last for as long as possible.


Our Liquid Glass coatings have been tested in the UK medical sector and have been awarded the NHS (National Health Service) Smart Trust Award for providing a solution to help combat Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs). The results have conclusively proven that industrial Liquid Glass coatings are of enormous significance to the health sector. In simple terms, the coatings can be used to create environments in which the bio burden is massively reduced and coated surfaces are exceptionally easy to clean. Our Liquid Glass coatings can be used on almost all surfaces including clothing, stethoscopes, surgical instruments, walls, floors, operating theatres, bedside tables and all electronic devices. There are literally hundreds of surfaces which can be coated within a hospital, dental surgery or similar environment. In addition, active semi-permanent Liquid Glass coatings are used as a surface disinfectant in the medical sector. Not only is this coating effective against bacteria but it is also effective against a wide range of pathogens including Hepatitis, Influenza, HIV, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans. This semi-permanent nano scale layer of Liquid Glass holds anti pathogen agents which are slowly released whilst the layer is in place.


Within large manufacturing facilities it is imperative that downtime is kept to a minimum to maximise productivity. To achieve this most environments need to be protected as much as possible, and the versatility of Liquid Glass allows a protective coating to be applied to virtually any surface. The thickness of the coating which ranges from 100 nanometers up to 5-10 microns depends on the surface and the degree of protection required. For example, a nano scale coating is ideal if you wish to coat optical lenses whereas a thicker coating will be suitable for coating the flooring in a factory. In all instances our coatings are easy to work with, and more importantly once applied provide a clean and easy to maintain surface that is protected from the build up of dust dirt and grime as well as the long term effect of corrosion and degradation of surfaces.

Food & Beverage

Liquid Glass also called SiO2 has been used as a food additive for many years. It is commonly used in products such as toothpaste, ketchup, and beer; however we now find that its greatest value to the food industry when it is used as a surface coating. Surfaces which are coated with Liquid Glass offer anti-sticking, easy to clean, stain resistant and biostatic characteristics. Our coatings have already been evaluated by leading food manufacturers. As Liquid Glass is inherently a food safe technology, it provides the ideal coating for food production plants, butcher departments, storage vessels, kitchen implements and food handling surfaces. Our Liquid Glass coatings have been tested and granted Food Safe approval by Campden BRI which is the UK’s largest independent organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide.