Liquid Glass Company

If we asked the average user what Nanotechnology or Liquid Glass was most people would consider this to be science fiction or something that PhDs and scientists talk about. The reality is that nanotechnology has been around for a while and Liquid Glass has been used in mass industrial environments since 2006. Our purpose is to bring this earth shattering technology to the hands of businesses and end users, packaged, presented and positioned in a way familiar to all. More importantly our goal is to remove the mysteries around Liquid Glass and drive the awareness of what benefits Liquid Glass Nanotech (through Crystalusion Limited) brings to market.

With the increase in cost of luxury items such as mobile phones, cars, yachts and private jets amongst other things, the end user is always looking for ways to protect their prized possessions. With the advancements in technology there are so many more gadgets we use on a day to day basis to run our lives. Mobile phones are now smart phones which control all aspects of ones life, white goods are getting more sophisticated and your average car now is bigger, more powerful and with a lots more high tech features than before.

The advent of the Internet has also created an evolution in man and created a more mature and well versed society where issues concerning protection, sanitation, disinfection, bacteria and disease control are no longer topics discussed by medics and specific segments of the market. This is why our Liquid Glass Nanotechnology team have focussed on products that are anti-bacterial creating a protective nano layer where bacteria cannot grow making it a better and cleaner surface for everyone to handle.

So where does Liquid Glass Nanotech fit in this new revolution of technology?

Liquid Glass and all Nanotech products have created an evolution in protection for all surfaces which will soon become a revolution. The nano layer coating of Liquid Glass can sit on any surface creating a protective layer that is hydrophobic (repels water), oleophobic (repels oils, reduces fingerprints) and abrasion resistant. This nano layer is 500 times thinner than a human hair and therefore, Liquid Glass for most of us is completely invisible and as a result does not change the look and feel of the surface it protects. In other words as an example, after coating your mobile phone in Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection your phone will benefit from these aforementioned desirable characteristics whilst being completely invisible to the naked eye and not changing its look and feel.

Finally, with the issues we face around global warming and the increased consumption of unsustainable products we are driven by the need to bring to market eco-friendly natural products that do not harm our environment creating a better world for future generations. The “wow” factor of Liquid Glass is that this can all be achieved without compromising any quality and in most cases bringing coatings that go far beyond the solutions available on the market today where many of these are using harmful toxic chemicals. Liquid Glass for scientists is based on Silica which is the purest form of glass, which simplified, is essentially sand. Sand is something that is not harmful and is available in abundance making this technology future proof for generations to come.