Liquid Glass Brands


Crystalusion is a Liquid Glass consumer brand for the multimedia sector



CrystalXtreme is our Liquid Glass range of products for the motor and sports industry



Crystalusion Plus is a Liquid Glass Protection coating offering anti-pathogen protection.



CrystalSpray is designed to provide protection for the domestic industry. This includes protection from staining, soiling, grease, abrasion, lime scale and more.


Each of our liquid glass brands have been developed by conducting extensive multi-market research & development which is how we have been so successful until now. Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection has been used to to coat Nigel Lamb’s MXS single seater aircraft which he races in the Red Bull Air Race competition across the globe.  This aircraft which is flown in all weather conditions has to deal with the effects of the elements in every race and for this reason the goal of coating the enire aircraft with Liquid Glass is to reduce drag. The superphobic coating repels all dirt, grease and grime including bugs and other creatures. Nigel Lamb said,“Aerodynamic drag reduction is paramount in this competitive air sport where we are endlessly striving for those elusive small fractions of seconds. I’ll be delighted with any competitive advantage Breitling Racing Team can gain with Crystalusion™.”