Sustainable Liquid Glass Technology

Since the very beginning, sustainability has been paramount in everything we do. Our company’s focus has been to invest in developing Quality Green Technologies that will not jeopardise the existence of future generations. Our entire range of products including: CrystalusionCrystalXtremeLGN BioClean and Crystalusion Plus are all environmentally friendly products that come from 100% natural resources. Liquid Glass is a natural substance that is available in abundance on earth and is manufactured by processing sand. Extracting Liquid Glass from sand requires an expertise in Nanotechnology in order to manage the entire process which is then eventually packaged into our various brands.

We are extremely meticulous with our manufacturing and have implemented rigorous control processes to ensure a high quality standard for every unit we produce.

Our Liquid Glass Protective coatings offer extreme protection catering for different needs including; multimedia device protection (see Crystalusion), protection for your motor vehicles (see Liquid Glass Automotive Solutions) and protection for offices, care homes and medical centres (see Crystalusion Plus).

We aspire to enable our customers to protect the things they care about with eco-friendly technology whilst reducing the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals which in most instances are toxic. Once protected with our Liquid Glass Protection range of products, surfaces can be easily cleansed with the simple use of water and a microfibre cloth. Furthermore certain products within our range such as: Crystalusion see Crystalusion Plus, include anti-bacterial and anti-pathogen properties which prevent bacteria and pathogens from multiplying on surfaces and spreading. This further re-enforces why harsh chemicals are not required to clean surfaces protected in our range of Liquid Glass Protection products.

We are extremely proud to be able say that our product range is not only green but has been granted several awards and have been tested and certified by different research institutions for its beneficial characteristics. Contact us for our latest updates and certifications.